Hungry Love         

Gorgeous cookbook, delicious recipes, and lots of fun! The photographs of each recipe are stunning! Makes a great gift!

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Cindy Silvert is the only cookbook author I know who could make me READ a cookbook rather than just skim it for recipes. That's because the Hungry Love Cookbook is part Harlequin romance and part cookbook. I know that sounds odd but it really works! The stories - short, sweet and with just the right amount of naughty - will put you in the proper mindset to get your kitchen groove on. The recipes (all of which derive from the stories) are wonderful and varied. And you can't help but connect the recipes you'll be creating to the fantasy worlds cooked up by Ms. Silvert. It's what makes this cookbook different than all the rest and why it's such a delight to both read and use. I can easily see Hungry Love book/cook parties breaking out in which specific stories get read and relived as the recipes get made and the chardonnay gets poured. Kudos to Ms. Silvert for bringing something so different, new, and daring to what has otherwise been a fairly mundane genre.

Food fantasy and a little bit of fun never hurt anyone...
For those of us who leave the cooking to the ones who actually enjoy it, you're in for a treat...as you don't have to be cook to enjoy the book!
And for the rest of us: witty stories fabulous easy recipes and beautiful photography what's not to like?
Ms. Silvert cleverly combined her natural story telling ability with her passion for great food made easy and beautiful photographs into one gem of a book. Well done!

​​Fun Cookbook!?
I always thought that was an oxymoron until I read "Hungry Love" by Cindy Silvert.
Keeps you laughing as you sautee and marinade.
Can't get enough of it!

Essentially, we use all cookbooks the same way – we need/want to cook something, look up a recipe, and go from there. The Hungry Love Cookbook turns that on its ear. A quick steamy setup is perfect to banish the “Ugh, I have to cook again” that confronts most of us. Recipes are simple and interesting, and the fun continues when, at the dinner table you find yourself, say, imagining yourself sharing dinner with the cute guy who rescued you on the deserted island… but I digress. The book offers a playful approach to great recipes that are suitable for all cooks.

Unique and delicious recipes. Sexy stories. Cool Roy Lichtenstein-esque illustrations. Great debut. Hungry 4 more.

Recipes are easy to follow and delicious. My girlfriend loves the stories, which are funny, short and sweet. I can say with confidence that Hungry Love is definately not your average cookbook and well worth adding to your shelf.

The Hungry Love Cookbook is a clever collision of short, interesting romance stories combined with an eclectic mix of recipes. My favorites are the Mango Goat Cheese Quesadilla and Ahi Tuna Wrap with Orange Ginger Dressing. Yummy! This book would be a great housewarming or birthday gift for a friend who loves being inspired and being creative in the kitchen.

Food as an aphrodisiac - this old notion takes a brand new angle in The Hungry Love Cookbook. Food and sex (not necessarily in that order) seem to dominate our lives. Cindy's heroines, whether shipwrecked on a deserted island, or sailing the urban island of Manhattan, manage both in tantalizing amusing vignettes. These serve as a great introduction to intriguing, well selected, 3 course menus. While the dishes are sophisticated the recipes, are simple to follow, utilizing everyday ingredients and clear instructions. Gorgeous photos complete the picture. This book will wet your appetite....
A perfect Valentine gift for him or her!